Xiangtong QI (齊向彤)
Xiangtong QI (齊向彤)
PhD, University of Texas at Austin, 2003
Tel 2358 8231
Office Room 5594
Research Interests

Modeling and optimization with applications in production scheduling, inventory control, logistics, and supply chain management.

Contact Info
Tel 2358 8231
Office Room 5594
Research Interests

Modeling and optimization with applications in production scheduling, inventory control, logistics, and supply chain management.


Dr Qi joined the Department of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics at HKUST in August 2003 after he got his Ph.D. degree from Department of Management Science and Information Systems, The University of Texas at Austin, (USA). Before that, he was studying in Department of Computer and System Sciences, Nankai University, (Tianjin, China), where he obtained his doctoral, master and bachelor degrees in 1999, 1995, and 1992, respectively.

Honors and Awards
  1. First Class Award, The 13th Best Paper Award, China Society of Logistics, 2014.
  2. Second Class Award, The Sixth Research Excellence Award (Humanities & Social Science), Ministry of Education, China, 2013.
  3. Top 10 most-cited articles published in the International Journal of Production Economics between 2007-2010 (Paper: Tiaojun Xiao, Xiangtong Qi, Gang Yu, Coordination of supply chain after demand disruptions when retailers compete, V.109, 162-179, 2007).
  4. Top 100 most-cited papers in all areas with mainland China leading authors in 2008 (Paper: Tiaojun Xiao, Xiangtong Qi, Price competition, cost and demand disruptions and coordination of a supply chain with one manufacturer and two competing retailers, Omega, V.36, 741-753, 2008).
  5. Highlighted researchIndustrial Engineer magazine, Vol. 38, P.55, 2006 (Paper: Coordinating dyadic supply chains when production costs are disrupted, IIE Transactions, V.38, 765-775, 2006.).
Teaching Activities
  • IELM 3020: Introduction to Operation Research
  • IELM 3230: Engineering Economy
  • IELM 3410: Routing and Fleet Management
  • IELM 5230: Deterministic Models in Operations Research
  • IELM 5570: Network Optimization in Transportation Systems
  • EEMT 5160 Transportation and Logistics Management
  • EEMT 5510: Engineering Economics and Cost Management
Research & Professional Activities
Research Projects
  • Hong Kong RGC Theme-based Research, Transforming Hong Kong's Ocean Container Transport Logistics Network, 2011-2016.
  • Hong Kong RGC GRF, Scheduling Models for Perceived Fairness and Satisfaction in Service Operations, 2015-2017.
Professional Activities
  • Editorial Board and Associate Editor: IIE Transactions, 2004-2012
  • Associate Editor: IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, 2009-2013
  • Associate Editor: Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research, 2012-
  • Guest Editor: Annals of Operations Research (Service Sciences), V.192, 2012.
  • Vice President, IIE (Hong Kong), 2008-2010.
  • Program Co-Chair, 2009 INFORMS International Conference on Service Science, Hong Kong, August 2009.
  • Judging Panel member, CILTHK Student Essay Competition 2009-2012, 2014, 2015.
Selected Publications (Since 2010)
  1. Xuhan Tian, Junmin Shi, Xiangtong Qi, Stochastic Sequential Allocations for Creative Crowdsourcing, Production and Operations Management, Vol.31 (2), 697-714, 2022.

  2. Yifu Li, Tinglong Dai, Xiangtong Qi, A Theory of Interior Peaks: Activity Sequencing and Selection for Service Design, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Vol.24, 993-1001, 2022.

  3. Lindong Liu, Xiangtong Qi, Zhou Xu, Simultaneous penalization and subsidization for stabilizing grand cooperation, Operations Research, Vol.66, 1362-1375, 2018.

  4. Yu Wang, Xiangtong Qi, Evasion policies for a vessel being chased by pirate skiffs, Naval Research Logistics, Vol.64, 453-475, 2017.

  5. Chen Li, Xiangtong Qi, Chung-Yee Lee, Disruption recovery in liner shipping, Transportation Science, V.49, 900-921, 2015.