Xiaowei ZHANG (張曉煒)
Xiaowei ZHANG (張曉煒)
PhD, Stanford University, 2011
Associate Professor
Tel 2358 8232
Office Room 5541
Research Interests

Stochastic Simulation and Optimization, Decision Analytics, Reinforcement Learning

Contact Info
Tel 2358 8232
Office Room 5541
Research Interests

Stochastic Simulation and Optimization, Decision Analytics, Reinforcement Learning

Xiaowei Zhang is an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He re-joined the department in June 2023, after serving on the faculty of HKU Business School for four years. He earned his Ph.D. in Management Science and Engineering in 2011 and M.S. in Financial Mathematics in 2010, both from Stanford University, and his B.S. in Mathematics in 2006 from Nankai University.

Prof. Zhang's research focuses on methodological advances in stochastic simulation and optimization, decision analytics, and reinforcement learning, with applications in service operations management, financial technology, and digital economy. He is currently serving as an Associate Editor for Management Science and Operations Research.

Honors and Awards
Faculty Outstanding Teacher Award (Postgraduate Teaching) 2020-21, The University of Hong Kong (link)
Professional Activities
•    Associate Editor, Operations Research, 2024 – present
•    Associate Editor, Management Science, 2023 – present
•    Associate Editor, Queueing Systems, 2022 – present
•    Associate Editor, Navel Logistics Research, 2020 – present
•    Associate Editor, Asian-Pacific Journal of Operational Research, 2019 – present
Selected Publications
  1. Liang Ding, Xiaowei Zhang (2024). Sample and Computationally Efficient Stochastic Kriging in High Dimensions. Operations Research, 72(2):660–683.

  2. Wenjia Wang, Yanyuan Wang, Xiaowei Zhang (2024). Smooth Nested Simulation: Bridging Cubic and Square Root Convergence Rates in High Dimensions. Management Science, forthcoming.

  3. Liao Wang, Jin Yao, Xiaowei Zhang (2023). How Does Risk Hedging Impact Operations? Insights from a Price-Setting Newsvendor Model. Management Science, forthcoming.

  4. Liang Ding, L. Jeff Hong, Haihui Shen, Xiaowei Zhang (2022). Knowledge Gradient for Selection with Covariates: Consistency and ComputationNaval Research Logistics, 69(3):496–507.

  5. Haihui Shen, L. Jeff Hong, Xiaowei Zhang (2021). Ranking and Selection with Covariates for Personalized Decision MakingINFORMS Journal on Computing, 33(4):1500–1519.

  6. L. Jeff Hong, Xiaowei Zhang (2021). Surrogate-Based Simulation OptimizationEmerging Optimization Methods and Modeling Techniques with Applications, 287–311, INFORMS. (Book Chapter)

  7. Weiwei Fan, L. Jeff Hong, Xiaowei Zhang (2020). Distributionally Robust Selection of the BestManagement Science, 66(1):190–208.

  8. Haihui Shen, L. Jeff Hong, Xiaowei Zhang (2018). Enhancing Stochastic Kriging for Queueing Simulation with Stylized ModelsIISE Transactions, 50(11):943–958.

  9. Xiaowei Zhang, Jose Blanchet, Kay Giesecke, Peter W. Glynn (2015). Affine Point Processes: Approximation and Efficient SimulationMathematics of Operations Research, 40(4):797–819.

  10. Xiaowei Zhang, Peter W. Glynn (2010). On the Dynamics of a Finite Buffer Queue Conditioned on the Amount of LossQueueing Systems, 67(2):91–110.