Kani CHEN (陳卡你)
Kani CHEN (陳卡你)
PhD, Columbia University, 1994
Tel 2358 7425
Office Room 3426
Research Interests

Survival analysis; empirical processes; stochastic modeling; financial statistics

Contact Info
Tel 2358 7425
Office Room 3426
Research Interests

Survival analysis; empirical processes; stochastic modeling; financial statistics

Kani Chen holds a joint appointment between Department of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics and Department of Mathematics at HKUST. He received the Ph.D. in Statistics (1994) from Columbia University in the City of New York, MSc (1990) and BSc (1987) from Peking University

His current research interests include Survival analysis; sequential analysis; boot-strapping; empirical process; stochastic modeling; missing data and EM algorithm.

Teaching Activities
  • MAFS6001 Capstone Project in Financial Mathematics II
  • MAFS6100E Independent Project
  • MATH3425 Stochastic Modeling
  • MATH4999 Independent Capstone Project
  • MSBD5013 Statistical Prediction
  • RMBI2001 Academic and Professional Development in Risk Management and Business Intelligence
  • RMBI4990 Risk Management and Business Intelligence Capstone Project II
Selected Publications
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