Ajay JONEJA (周阿杰)
Ajay JONEJA (周阿杰)
PhD, Purdue University, 1993
Tel 2358 7119
Office Room 5598
Research Interests

CAD/CAM integration for Manufacturing Processes; Rapid Prototyping; Architectural geometry.

Contact Info
Tel 2358 7119
Office Room 5598
Research Interests

CAD/CAM integration for Manufacturing Processes; Rapid Prototyping; Architectural geometry.


Dr Joneja obtained his BTech in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur, India. He then went to study Industrial Engineering at Purdue University, where he received his MSIE (1989) and PhD (1993). He subsequently joined the Industrial Engineering Department at HKUST as an Assistant Professor.

Dr Joneja's focus of research is in the area of Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing, in particular, on topics related to manufacturing planning for machining, rapid prototyping, or design for manufacturability. The problem-solving tools include computational geometry, and geometric reasoning and optimization.

Teaching Activities
UG course (current and past):
  • IEDA 3302 E-Commerce Technology and Applications
  • IELM 2010 Industrial Engineering & Modern Logistics (UCore)
  • IELM 3150 Manufacturing Processes (IEEM elective)
  • IELM 4170 Product Lifecycle Management (IEEM & Design Minor elective)
  • IELM 110 Computing in Industrial Automation
  • IELM 230 Industrial Database Systems
  • IELM 231 Information Technology for Logistics & Manufacturing
PG course (current and past):
  • IELM 5110 Information Systems Design
  • IELM 5750 Computer-Aided Manufacturing (sunset)
  • IELM 600J (special topics) Advanced CAM
Research & Professional Activities
Current Research Projects
  • Optimized Aesthetic Curve Patterns on Architectural Surfaces (GRF, 2013-2016)
  • Maintaining contour trees of large-scale dynamic 3D CAD models with applications in BioCAD (FSGRF, 2013-2015)
  • Regularized meshing of surfaces with a design-for-manufacturing application in architecture (GRF, 2010-2013)
Research Group Members
  • MPhil: Miranda Jing Donger; Liu Suyun
  • PhD: Diana Xiong (w/ Pedro Sander, CSE), Pablo Zhang
  • RA: Lisa Chiang
Past PhD Students
  • Yang Zhixin (Asst Prof, Faculty of Science & Technology, U of Macau)
  • Anthony Pang King Wah (Assoc Prof, Dept of Logistics & Maritime Studies, HK Polytechnic Univ)
  • Jia Jinyuan, (w/ K. Tang), (Professor, School of Software Engg, Tongji Univ, Shanghai)
  • Fan Sai Kit (co-founder, CEO Sane Form Ltd.)
  • Anton Wei Xiangzhi (Asst Prof, School of Mech Engg, Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Professional Activities
  • UG director, Dept of IEDA, HKUST (2012 - 2018)
  • Director, Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI), HKUST (since 2015)


Prof Joneja is a the co-founder and chairman of Sane Form Ltd., a consulting company specializing in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and surface rationalization for Facades of complex architectural buildings. Some interesting projects in which Sane Form has been involved inlcude the Kai Tak Cruise terminal building (arch: Norman Foster), CCW Building in University of Technology Sydney (arch: Frank Gehry), XiQu performaning arts center in West Kowloon (arch: Bing Thom and Ronald Lu), Macau City of Dreams Tower D (arch.: Zaha Hadid).


Selected Publications
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