Undergraduate Programs
IEDA - Engineering of Making Smart Decisions

Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics (IEDA) is the modern discipline of scientific management - it is the engineering of making smart decisions.
Hong Kong is rapidly transforming into a knowledge-based economy. As one of the leading centers for world-class tertiary education, the IEDA department is actively revamping its undergraduate programs by adopting a modern, Decision Analytics approach. We believe that our revamped programs and courses will position our graduates in the high impact jobs in forward looking companies. The techniques for collecting and organizing real-world data, analyzing it intelligently, and using it to drive decision making models are central to our revamped programs.
Our UG curricula include predictive and prescriptive analytical tools, statistical models, machine learning algorithms, simulation, and creative modeling. Building upon this foundation of techniques, students will learn domain specific knowledge in areas ranging from operations planning and scheduling to transportation systems and policies, from supply chain management to quality control, and from financial engineering to consulting.
Our graduates will possess strong analytical skills as well as the ability to develop algorithms and simulation models for decision-making in designing, managing and improving operations of modern enterprises, and to provide optimal solutions to decision problems in logistics, production, and service operations, driven by real-world data.

The IEDA Department offers the following programs: