Mission and Vision
  • To offer education programs to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute to the economy of the region.
  • To cultivate research and technology expertise for continuing Hong Kong's prosperity into the 21st century.
  • To contribute to the fundamental knowledge of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics.
  • To achieve global excellence and local impact in research and teaching.
  • To team up with international academic with the aim of disseminating the knowledge and technologies in Supply Chain Management, and Design and Manufacturing, as well as providing a platform for exchanging ideas with world class scholars.
  • To accelerate the development of Hong Kong as a knowledge-based society and a world’s premier logistics hub; to revolutionize product design and development to enhance the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry.
Educational Objectives
  • To provide our students a broad-based education with academic excellence and expertise in IEDA, together with competencies and a capacity building training program. In such, our students would attain ABET criteria 3a-3e and 3k outcomes.
  • Through Department, School and University level LIVE programs, our students would also attain ABET criteria 3f-3j outcomes.